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Rubina Ghoor
"Never too late to learn"

“Never too late to learn” is a talk show where we get our weekly diet of intellectual and spiritual knowledge.
We covering the contents of the Generous Quran which includes an in-depth analysis approaching  the Quran with the purpose of self purification in order to gain knowledge , closeness and love for Allah , so ultimately we can
attain Allahs pleasure and hence fulfill our purpose in this world and the hereafter. We using the English Quran which is translated by Shaykh Taner Ansari who is an ordained Shaykh, Sufi Master of the Qadiri-Rifai Ansari Tariqa. I am in my fifth year of studying under Shaykh Taner and by his permission and continuous training I   am able to share this knowledge with you.  Alhamdulilla, all praise and thanks is to Allah.

The second segment of the program discusses the Hadith of our beloved Prophet , peace be upon him, who said that in order to get to know Allah , we need to get to know ourselves. Based on this Hadith , we will discuss the different areas of the self and see how  can we understand the different selfs , in other words, the mind, body, emotion and spirit and then identify the barriers that keep us away from connecting to our Creator, Allah . Insha Allah .

We have different people in the studio who share their knowledge with us in helping us understand ourselves better so that we can draw closer to Allah insha Allah