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Applied Kinesiology

Applied Kinesiology (AK) is a system using basic muscle testing for evaluating areas of dysfunction within the body. Applied Kinesiology can help to improve gait, posture, and range of motion. It can also help restore normal function to the nervous, endocrine, immune, and digestive systems, and determine previously unsuspected food or chemical sensitivities. The goal of applied kinesiology treatment is to intervene early enough to prevent or delay illness.

Emotional charges and limiting beliefs that underlie the physical dysfunction are also addressed. It is a holistic approach to healing, supporting the body to heal itself. It also works with other health practitioners like Acupuncturist, Chiro practitioners, homeopaths, medical doctors, aroma therapists, etc.

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Aafiyah Energy Healing

A natural energy healing modality that focuses on breath and body awareness techniques to heal and bring the body back into balance.Our bodies are made of energy and when energy flow in the body is disrupted either by physical ailment or emotions, the imbalance shows up as pain and discomfort.During the healing session, the client’s level of energy is raised allowing the body to heal itself naturally by coming back into balance.The energy healing is based on universal laws of energy and so everyone can benefit from it.

Life Coach

From the beginning of time, human beings have had a fervent desire to know who they are, why they are on earth and what is the purpose of their existence.

HeartNet is spiritually initiated through Divine intervention and conceptualized through pure and focused intent to assist humanity in understanding our purpose on this earth through the different realms of our existence. These being the physical, intellectual, emotional and spiritual realms. None of these realms exist in isolation. We live in unison – tawheed (the Arabic term meaning oneness). We as a human race have created a fragmented understanding of our reality and the purpose of HeartNet is to assist in bringing everything under One Haqq (Reality).

The heart is the place to connect, with the help of Allah, to the Almighty, the Creator of all that exists. This website will help you to unfold the yearning of the human spirit to know, to understand and to build a loving relationship with its Creator in all areas of our lives.

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Acupuncture Detoxification Specialist

The Acupuncture Detoxification Specialist is a person who has been trained specifically in the five point NADA (National Acupuncture Detoxification Association) auricular acupuncture protocol, exclusively for addiction treatment. All the five points serve to balance the body’s energy and assists in the body’s healing process.

The Ear according to Chinese Medicine is a microcosm of the entire body, just as the hand, foot, tongue and eye are. Chinese Medicine also stipulates that every organ is associated with a specific emotion. With the NADA protocol the three detoxification organs: kidney, liver and lung points are where the needles are placed.

The kidney in Chinese medicine is associated with growth, development, reproduction and the aging process. It is associated with fear, resolve/will power and rebirth.

Chinese medical theory associates the liver with resolving anger and aggression and with keeping both the emotions and the body’s systems moving smoothly.

The lung is associated with the grieving process and with letting go.

The other two points are the Shen Men which in Chinese means calming the mind and the Sympathetic point. Both these points are responsible for releasing endorphins and to calm the mind, to experience a meditative state.

This is a non-verbal approach. The body is supported through acupuncture to reach a balanced state. As can be seen the body will go through not only a physical detox but an emotional one too. Clients may feel emotions coming up for them and may want a sounding board. The practitioner will direct the client to other modalities of healing like counselling, etc if need be.

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Sufi Healing

Sufis always have a very unique approach towards healing.  The advanced master healers use the following steps to take a suffering person through the process of healing.  The steps are as follows.  The first step is connecting to the patient physically and spiritually.  The second step is diagnosis and direction.  The third step is treatment and dosage of healing.  Fourth is the timing or duration of the healing process.

Connection is an extremely important step for Sufi healers as it is required to establish a connection with the suffering person.  Connection can be physical or spiritual or both.  Pulse reading has been the first step in any system of healing.  In the healing process pulse reading is used to establish a physical connection with the patient.  Sufi healers assess the condition of the patient through physical observation and by spiritually connecting as they can then use their observations in the overall healing process.  Many Sufi healers have been gifted with the ability to connect at a metaphysical level by just looking at the photograph of the suffering person.  Connection is a two way process between the healer and the patient.  That is extremely important for the benefit of the healer and the patient.  Connection also helps the healer to understand the energy imbalances coming from seen and unseen sources.

Diagnosis and Direction:
Diagnosis of issues can never be achieved without connecting with the patient, connection helps the healer to understand the issues and diagnose the root cause of the illness.  Diagnosis is done in many different ways by the healers such as asking questions to the patient, muscle testing, body response independent of the conscious of a person, physical aura dispersion, etc.  Comments from the patients are also taken into account to narrow down the root cause of the ailment.  Diagnosis is what leads the healer in a particular direction to address all the issues.

Treatment and Dosage:
Once the healers connect, diagnose the issue, the next course of action is to take the necessary steps for treatment.  Treatment involves the quantity or the dosage of the medicine established by the healer.  The healer administers the appropriate treatment method which can range from herbal medicines to any alternative healing approaches physically while spiritually the healer may address the concerns through saying some selected verses from the Holy Quran or make the person wear a talisman or geometric diagram called taweez.  Dosage is what establishes the quantity of medicine required to treat the problems.  The approach can be multi-faceted and multi-dimensional as the goal is to lead the patient to recovery.

Timing or Duration:
Timing and recovery are dependent upon the condition and the ailments in which the patient was before beginning the healing process.  Certain issues require more time to heal, especially chronic cases both spiritual and physical may need many different healing sessions in order to alleviate the problem.  Special cases where the patients have been affected with foreign entities require a longer time to heal and recover. While the healers try their best to ensure that the affected person recovers at the earliest, however it all depends upon the nature, the condition, the willingness, and the timing.  Sufi healers are like spiritual surgeons but in reality are people who have the knowledge of balancing energies.  They are gifted with the knowledge to nullify and remove negative energies and induce positive energies while making sure that the person is restored to a normal healthy life.  Certain preexisting conditions need to be clearly informed or disclosed that are physical in nature as they may impede a faster recovery.

Healing Services

We use state of the art CORE Alternative Healing Therapy tools to correct
imbalances and sickness,where applicable.

  • Computerized Health Assessment.
  • RIFE Frequency Therapy (Zapping).
  • Color Therapy.
  • Imprinting Water.
  • Sufi Protective Therapy.
  • Nutrition Deficiency Needs.
  • Crystal Healing.

Consultation Fees

  • Basic consultation fee       R500 per  person
  • Follow up session              R250
  • If a patient is afflicted with Jinn, additional R500. If it’s a family curse, only 4 members pay for the treatment and the rest no charge.
  • Jinn catcher and Jadoo catcher treatment R3000 + 6 months of follow up support
  • Rife Treatment R200 per session.

Sufi Masters & Healers:Shaykh Taner Ansari & Shaykha Muzeyyen Ansari

Basic Consultation & Treatment

  • General Sufi & Computerized Assessment & Treatment
  • General Sufi Assessment & Treatment
  • General Computer Assessment & RIFE Treatment
  • Treating Jinn Activity (Foreign Entity)
  • Treating Family Curse (Foreign Entity)
  • Specific Sufi OR RIFE Treatment (Follow Up)
  • Remote-Distant healing (where applicable)

Payment options

  1. Cash or Eft
  2. 30 day or 60 day plan
  3. Sliding fees for those who can’t pay the full amount
  4. No charge for those who don’t have the means.

Consult with the centre Business Manager to work out which payment option works for you.